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The sooner a child is exposed to a dental chair, the sooner good habits are developed.

Early childhood dental checkups help in many ways – from teething problems, developing good oral habits, preventing tooth decay, and keeping your child’s mouth healthy. If you haven’t taken your child to any pediatric dentist in Westminster, CO, it’s about time!

People tend to think that losing baby teeth is just fine, and taking care of oral health at a young age is unnecessary because what they have will eventually fall out.

Dentist Westminster Child Exposed to Dental Chair

Our dentists in Westminster, CO, beg to differ. Let us tell you why.

Taking Care of Baby Teeth

Importance of Taking Care of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are as crucial as adult teeth. They do not require less care just because they are going to fall out eventually.

Learning how to take care of baby teeth is the first step for children to learn how to brush properly and maintain their overall oral health later in life. These teeth are necessary for the child to start chewing and speaking. How can your child chew appropriately if they do not have strong teeth?

Baby teeth are an essential foundation for adult teeth. They are the ones saving space for permanent teeth to grow under the gums. When these baby teeth fall out early due to cavities or gum disease, the free space invites the permanent ones to drift into it. When they come in too early, it can negatively impact when and how the other permanent teeth erupt. This will then end up having crowded teeth.

Permanent teeth should only come out when they are ready. If, in any case, a pediatric dentist in Westminster, CO, needs to remove a baby tooth, that space has to be “maintained” until the permanent tooth is ready.

Fluoride Treatment is Essential

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay. It makes the teeth strong and resistant to acid and plaques. While there are kinds of toothpaste that already contain fluoride, fluoride treatment in dental clinics is more concentrated, thus giving more protection needed.
Fluoride Treatment
ADG Tooth Decay

Children’s Tooth Decay Is Real

Cavities in children are common because of children’s innate love for sweets. However, this is alarming for many Westminster, CO, dentists as childhood cavities are linked with adult gum disease and tooth loss.

Regular dental visits help detect tooth decay before it becomes severe. Some cavities are not easily seen by the naked eye and need an expert to catch them early. If you encourage your kid to visit a dentist in Westminster, CO, they can prevent tooth decay or any future damage.

Regular Dental Visits Helps Establish Good Dental Habits

Helping your child develop good dental habits is one of the best things you can do for them. When a child gets used to sitting in a dental chair, they will be more comfortable as they get older. We all know how hard it is for a toddler to stay seated, but it will be much easier to continue in the future when they establish a good relationship with the dentist. Aside from regular oral checkups, dentists help with developing good techniques in brushing and flossing.

Pediatric dentistry is a specialized field in providing oral care to infants and young children. They are trained professionals when addressing common problems encountered by children. Children’s oral health differs from that of adults. Thus, special care is also necessary for dentists and parents. Aside from the skills acquired by pediatric dentists in their medical studies, they are also trained in handling the anxiety of children and how to make them feel comfortable in the dental clinic. The best dentists in Westminster, CO, can make the children realize that there is nothing to be afraid of when meeting the dentists and that what they should be fearful of are the cavities that could invade their baby teeth if not taken care of properly.

The American Dental Association advises that the first dental visit should happen as soon as the first tooth erupts or as soon as the child turns one. Starting dental care at an early age provides excellent benefits for the child and the parents. It enables the parents to learn how to take care of their child’s teeth correctly and to prevent oral diseases in the future.

Regular Dental Visit Habits

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