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Everyone dreams of having a beautiful smile.

A critical factor in achieving a beautiful smile is through shiny white teeth. However, how can you achieve this if you are fond of drinking coffee, soda, wine, or alcohol and if you have a habit of smoking? While you need to trim down these habits, fret not, as we have teeth whitening procedures you may want to consider.

Visiting your dentist in Silverthorne, CO, is not only about regular check-ups and cleanings. Teeth whitening is also something you can talk about during a dental visit. Teeth whitening is a procedure to whiten up stained teeth. But before you consider getting one, we’ll provide some essential information you need to know about teeth whitening.

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You Can Do it at Home.

Teeth whitening can take place in the comfort of your home. There is a wide array of whitening toothpaste available in the market. Besides that, there are also whitening strips, gels, rinses, and tray-based applications available. Let us take it one by one.

Not Everyone Can Do It.

Yes, you read that right. Not everyone can have their teeth whitened. What are the exemptions?

It is always best to consult one of several Silverthrone, CO, dentists before you do any treatment at home. Let’s not waste time, money, and effort; pay a visit to be assessed.
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It Does Not Cause Damage to Your Teeth

If you follow the directions or have a professional perform the procedure, then it is safe. The process involves opening the pores, which assists with lifting the stains from the surface. However, if this was excessively done, like for instance, when done at home, it might cause some problems.

Sensitivity is a Normal Side Effect

One common concern of patients is the side effects. When it comes to teeth whitening, sensitivity is the most common. After the procedure, temperate changes make teeth more sensitive as they are temporarily dehydrated. Do not worry; it will disappear after 12 to 36 hours. Post-treatment care will also be given by your dentist in Silverthorne, CO, to manage discomfort brought about by sensitivity.

When you consider teeth whitening, it is best to know what to expect and your available options. When regular toothpaste fails to remove stains, professional whitening through home kits or with a professional can be effective. Both use peroxide-based agents, but of course, they differ in strength. If you want a lesser cost, you may opt to use over-the-counter treatments, but you may contact your Silverthorne, CO, dentist for advice if you want a holistic approach.

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