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Most people think that going to the dentist is about having their teeth cleaned and preventing cavities from building up.

However, there are a lot of dental procedures besides the regular cleaning that can improve your life and overall health in the process; the dentists of Pagosa Springs, CO, offer first-rate services that will both keep your mouth healthy and provide you with a number of dental benefits.
Advanced Dental Group - Pagosa Springs Colorado

Here are some of many advantages that come with having your teeth regularly checked with Pagosa Springs, CO, dentists.

Advanced Dental Group - Pagosa Springs Colorado

1. Correct Bad Dental Habits

Besides monitoring any dental issues, such as cavities and periodontal diseases, dentists are also tasked with keeping an eye out for any subtler dental alterations that could affect your oral health.

Our partner dentists are trained to look for wear patterns on your teeth that may be a result of subconscious habits, such as grinding or clenching. Involuntary habits like these, especially when done during sleep, could leave you with chipped or broken teeth and gum recession. If the dentist detects any signs of this wear pattern, they may recommend you wear a mouth guard while sleeping to prevent any further damage.

2. Slow the Progression of Diabetes

Another benefit of regular visits to the dentist is that they can help those with diabetes. 95% of individuals suffering from diabetes tend to have gum disease, as they have a lower resistance to infection and heal slower. Our dentists in Pagosa Springs, CO, can treat gum diseases, which may improve blood sugar control and decrease the progression of diabetes.
Advanced Dental Group - Pagosa Springs Colorado
Advanced Dental Group - Pagosa Springs Colorado

3. Avoid Periodontal Disease

Some patients believe that dentists only search for cavities during regular checkups. Rest assured, our dentists also search for any signs of periodontal disease or the deterioration of the bone that supports your teeth; it is the most common cause of tooth loss when the bone levels around your teeth decline excessively. With regular checkups, our dentists can examine your periodontal health to ensure you have stable bone levels capable of sustaining your teeth for years to come.

4. Detect Oral Cancer Early

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus that can be passed through skin contact. While oral cancer has previously been linked to excessive smoking and drinking, it can also be caused by HPV. It can tend to appear symptom-free, so the first person to likely notice anything unusual will be your dentist.

The biggest defense against oral cancer is early detection, so consult with our dentists right away. If our dentists detect any sign of HPV or oral cancer, they will take a sample from your mouth and send it to a pathologist to eliminate any abnormal cells. This could literally save your life. The biggest defense against oral cancer is early detection.

Advanced Dental Group - Pagosa Springs Colorado

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Pagosa Springs, CO, dentists will make sure you come out of your dental appointments healthier than ever, not just free from cavities.

If you or someone you know is looking for a reliable and adept dentist in Pagosa Springs, CO, Advanced Dental Group is here to help you. We will connect you with the best dentists in your area. Contact us now for more information.