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Smiling is the basic foundation of how you communicate with people.

A smile radiates happiness and positivity. As someone may have told you before, it takes fewer muscles to contract when you smile than when you frown. Which means it takes lesser effort for the body to give a smile rather than frowning.

However, people tend to shy away when they are not confident enough to show their teeth. Missing teeth, crooked teeth, yellow teeth, or even bad breath could be the reasons. How do you take care of your smile? Have you developed good oral hygiene at home? Have you scheduled a regular check-up through our dentists in Dillon, Colorado?

We at Advanced Dental Group believe in the importance of a healthy smile and how a simple smile can change the world. Advanced Dental Group has partnered with the best dentists in Dillon, CO, to provide only the best dental experience to our customers in the area. As our initial offering, our Dillon, CO, Dentists will give you essential tips for home and how to take care of your smile and natural teeth in the long run.

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1. Flossing and brushing

Flossing is probably the simplest way to protect our teeth. Brushing does not only give you fresh breath and a good feeling inside your mouth; it removes the plaque and germs accumulated after eating. Removing these will surely prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Brushing your teeth “effectively” at least twice (best if thrice) a day is important. When our dentists in Dillon, CO, say “effectively,” it means doing it in a gentle motion reaching all sides of your mouth, including your tongue. It does not replace brushing, in any case. Over-brushing may lead to enamel breakdown. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste for at least two minutes.  

You should treat flossing just as important as brushing. Flossing is not easy to do, but you should not let its difficulty hinder you from doing so. Why? Flossing has its own job and benefits: (1) helps remove those tiny pieces of food left which you may miss out from brushing; and (2) an excellent way to stimulate your gums which prevents inflammation from occurring.

Any Dillon, CO dentist would advise you never to go to bed without brushing your teeth. Aside from stinky breath when you wake up, sleeping without cleaning your mouth paves the way for germs to accumulate. If these germs cause unmanageable plaque and tartar, you would need an immediate fix from your dentist.

Besides brushing and flossing, it is also advisable to use a mouthwash. Mouthwash helps flush away germs and reduces acid in your mouth. It also gives instant fresh breath.

2. Avoid sugary foods and drink lots of water

A simple explanation for this is that sugar becomes acid, and acid leads to cavities. When your enamel wears down, the first layer of protection will be gone.

Drinking lots of water benefits oral health by flushing food particles and keeping your mouth moist. As your mouth gets dry when you sleep, you must drink water (and brush your teeth) when you wake up. During the day, drink water after every meal and as often as you can. Choose water rather than soda. Soda contains sugar, and again, sugar can cause cavities.

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ADG Non Smoking

3. Quit smoking

Not only our dentists in Dillon, CO, but doctors, in general, would advise you to stop smoking.  This habit slowly kills not only your internal organs but your oral health as well.

To emphasize the need for you to stop, here is the list of problems that any dentist in Dillon, CO, would agree with:

Smoking has the power to interfere with gum tissue’s normal functions. Thus, it delays wound healing and gives way for infection to enter.

If you are now thinking of smokeless tobacco, be informed that this still contains chemicals that could lead to oral cancer and cancer of the esophagus and throat. It irritates the gum tissue, thus raises the risk for tooth decay.

If you cannot stop smoking right away, you are free to seek advice from any of our dentists in Dillon, CO, for alternative ways to get out of this bad habit.

4. Pay a visit to your dentist

Maintaining good oral hygiene at home may not be good enough in this day and age. Why? There are cases where we feel no pain, but there could be oral problems starting to accumulate. Paying a regular visit to our Dillon, CO, dentists would help you understand your oral health more. Let our dentists clean your teeth regularly, check if all are doing well, and see any signs of problems. If there is, we can prevent the worst part. You want to maintain your natural teeth forever. You do not want any dental implants and dental treatment. It is always best to have your oral health checked by our experts!

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