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Having white pearly teeth can increase your confidence.

However, do you know that as people age, teeth grow yellowish or grayish? We can blame our enamel that grows thinner as years go by, but we can put more blame on the food that we eat, drinks, and lifestyle. Coffee, tea, wine, alcohol, carbonated drinks, berries, sauces, and smoking contribute to the stain on your teeth. However, fret not; the Frisco, CO, dentists are here to help you get those shiny white teeth back.

Starting your journey to whiter teeth gives you two options: Do it yourself at home or an in-office teeth whitening. As self-explanatory as it is, it’s either you do it yourself in front of a mirror, or you let the professionals do it for you. For home-based kits, you can choose from tooth whitening strips, gels, tray-based, and toothpaste.

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These can help remove the stains on the surface of your teeth as they contain an acceptable amount of hydrogen peroxide. These are available over the counter and can quickly be done at home as long as you follow the steps. These two whitening options both used bleaching agents containing peroxide. Products available in the market contain about 3% to 20% peroxide, while in-office has a higher content of 15% to 43%.

While you have these products available in the market, which you can easily check out anytime, let us discuss why you should choose an in-office whitening with dentists in Frisco, CO, rather than doing it by yourself at home.

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Learn if You are a Candidate or Not

Teeth whitening is not for everyone. If you have cavities or any gum disease, this procedure, although minimally invasive, is not for you. These dental problems are priorities and have to be addressed first before whitening your teeth. It is not logical to whiten your teeth if damaged, in pain due to gum disease. Likewise, if you have implants, fillings, or dental crowns or already have tooth sensitivity, teeth whitening might cause you more discomfort. Whitening works best for those with yellow teeth but not as effective for those with brown and no effect on those with gray teeth.

It is always best to consult your dentist in Frisco, CO, so they can properly assess if you are a candidate for teeth whitening or not.

Performed by Professional Dentists

As compared to doing it by yourself at home, a dentist will perform an in-office teeth whitening. Dentists are skilled professionals with sufficient knowledge in performing any procedure involving the overall condition of your mouth. They have studied all the possible side effects of products and treatments. With in-office techniques, treatments are efficient, and results are almost immediate. When done by Frisco, CO, dentists, you can rest assured you are in good hands.
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Customized Treatment

No two people are created equal; neither are your dental needs. What works for one may not work for the other. If a professional dentist has checked your teeth, the next course of action is to address any or all dental needs. Based on how your teeth look and how your overall health can be affected. If you are part of the high-risk group, your dentist will carry out a different medical plan compared to those with a healthy mouth. Either way, professionals would recommend seeking advice from a Frisco, CO, dentist.

Learn about its Side Effects

Though not everyone experiences side effects after the treatment, there are still common effects. If a dentist did the procedure in Frisco, CO, they would manage possible side effects. They will provide advice on addressing such-some experience tooth sensitivity while some experience gum irritation. Post-treatment care after teeth whitening is essential. This care ensures that the procedure went well and how you can benefit in the long run.

You should also know that teeth whitening does not last a lifetime. A touch-up after several months or years may be necessary. Still, this won’t hurt much when you see your teeth smiling so white.

Teeth whitening is more than just an aesthetic procedure. It removes all the stain accumulated over the years from your eating habits and the inevitable factor – as you age. Keeping it white is not getting rid of yellow or gray stains, but rather, keeping it white boosts confidence and makes you feel good inside.

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