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It is not easy to show your smile when you have missing teeth.

How can you smile when you know there is a noticeable gap between your teeth? It takes a toll on your self-esteem. Nothing is more serious when you are conscious of how you speak in front of others. While missing teeth is not only caused by inadequate oral habits or some inevitable damage caused by an accident or injury, losing one or more teeth negatively impacts you and your health.

Some instances of missing teeth can be “left as is,” such as an unnoticeable gap with no impact on your physical appearance. However, everyone should understand the importance of having a complete set of teeth. Teeth are designed to work together. Any missing teeth can negatively impact your speech and eating habits. It can also cause other oral problems.

When you find yourself hiding your smile whenever you have a visitor, or you tend to shy away from taking that video call, it’s the best time to talk to your dentist in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. There is no other person you can seek help from aside from the professionals in the field.

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Impact On Your Oral Health

Missing teeth affect your power to chew and deteriorates your jawline. In addition, those significant gaps between your teeth can cause the neighboring teeth to drift into these spaces, thereby causing pressure on your jaw and misalignment in your bite.

As the primary function of teeth is biting and chewing your food, the way you chew likewise is impacted if you’re missing teeth. When you fail to chew your food properly, your digestive system will have a hard time digesting the large food particles you just chewed.

This also leaves you prone to infection. When teeth start to drift further apart, the debris gets in between; thus, it is much harder to cleanout. Bacteria will build up, causing gum disease and further tooth loss if not removed.

Available Options:

ADG Removable Dentures


These are removable pieces intended to replace missing teeth. Complete dentures replace all of your teeth, while partial dentures only replace a few missing teeth.

What Steamboat Springs, CO, dentists say is that dentures are less expensive when compared with other options. They are likewise easier to repair. However, some patients find them uncomfortable to use as they have a tendency not to fit correctly. In addition, since it is removable, cleaning requires removing completely. This constant handling makes it prone to damage.

Fixed Bridges

As the name suggests, they “bridge” the gap in between missing teeth. These use a prosthetic tooth attached to adjacent teeth and then bonded by using dental cement.

These are typically made from porcelain which blends naturally with the teeth. Thus, it can make you feel and look like you have natural teeth. Depending on the assessment of your Steamboat Springs, CO, dentists, you may choose from four main types: Traditional, Cantilever, Maryland, or Implant-Supported.

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Dental Implants

Implants involve a surgical treatment replacing the natural tooth’s root, which is inserted in the bones of your jaw. It provides a good foundation for replacement teeth.

Most dentists in Steamboat Springs, CO, prefer this option over the others as it provides a permanent solution over missing teeth. Patients say that it makes them feel like they have their natural teeth. With dental implants, fitting is never a problem, unlike with dentures. Though this is an invasive procedure, dentists swear on its high success rate and its durability over time.

How to Choose the Best Option

Choosing the best option for your missing teeth should be based on the overall assessment of your dentist in Steamboat Springs, CO. Remember that the needs of each patient vary. Thus it is always best to follow the best option recommended by medical professionals. Make sure to discuss the options available, including its costs and side effects, if any.
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