Having your tooth extracted is something that most people worry about. However, it is necessary if you have a decayed or infected tooth. Tooth extraction can be done in preparation for dental braces or dental prosthesis.

Your dentist will discuss the procedure and why it would be necessary to have it pulled. It often requires the use of local anesthesia. If you’ve been struggling because of toothache or infection, this procedure may be the answer for you.

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Dental Extraction

What is Tooth Extraction?

Like any other dental procedure, tooth extraction is standard. Your dentist may opt for extraction if the damage to your teeth is severe. If the infection or decay is irreversible, tooth extraction will be the course of treatment. The extraction will also be required if teeth are overcrowded upon a dentist’s assessment.

If you are planning to have a tooth extraction but are unsure if the procedure is safe, it would help put you at ease to know more information such as types of extraction procedures and the necessary after-care needed. It is important that you are knowledgeable about it before getting the procedure.

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Types of Extraction

There are various factors that your dentist will consider before deciding whether a simple or surgical dental extraction is needed. The dentist or oral surgeon considers the location, size, shape, and position of the tooth.

Simple Dental Extraction

If your teeth that need extraction can easily be seen and accessed, the dentist will opt for a simple dental extraction procedure. You don’t have to worry about the pain, the dentist will use a local anesthetic to make sure that you will not feel anything.

This type of procedure will have you up in no time, because it is not a major surgery. Also, it is possible to have more than one tooth extracted. However, you shouldn’t take it easy. It still requires after-care to make sure that it will heal just right.

Surgical Dental Extraction

Are you feeling a tooth that’s about to erupt along your gum lines? That is probably your wisdom teeth. A person’s wisdom teeth erupt between the ages of 17 to 21 and this completes your adult teeth. A surgical dental extraction becomes the solution when the teeth are not visible.

In this case, a dental x-ray may be required by your dentist in order to have a clear view of the situation. In most cases, wisdom teeth don’t erupt properly, resulting in impacted teeth.

The surgical dental extraction also uses local anesthesia. You will not feel anything, but will definitely feel some pressure during the process of pulling.

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What Should Your Dentist Know Before the Procedure?

Even if extraction is a standard dental procedure, your dentist should know about any underlying conditions you might have. Your dentist may require you to answer a checklist to see if you have any condition that may affect or may be affected by the extraction.

Note that this list is not complete and it would be best to ask your dentist. Among these conditions are the following:

After-care Instructions

A tooth extraction, especially the ones that require surgery, may take a long time to heal. Surgical extractions may also be more sensitive compared to the simple extraction. Here are the things that you need to do:
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Getting Your Tooth Extracted May Feel Uncomfortable.

That’s why it is important to know the basics before doing it. If you know someone or if you are planning to get it done, Advance Dental Group can connect you with the best, most qualified dentists in your area. What are you waiting for? Send us a message now!