Do you think you can manage broken or cracked teeth without going to a dentist? Having teeth that are cracked or broken can be uncomfortable, and may cause an infection. This can also affect your confidence when talking and smiling. If you are someone who has been self-conscious because of broken teeth, getting a dental filling is the best solution for you!

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Dental Fillings

What are Dental Fillings?

When your teeth have a cavity, your dentist will remove the portion that is decaying and replace it with filling. But fillings can also be the perfect solution for any cracked or broken teeth that you have. For example, if you are someone who habitually bites their nails and grinds their teeth, your teeth are likely to be damaged. Fillings can bring back the optimum appearance of your teeth.

You may feel overwhelmed at the idea of getting dental fillings. It can be intimidating to go to the dentist’s office without prior knowledge of the types of fillings and the process involved. It is certainly important to know the pros and cons of any dental procedure. Learning about dental fillings is the first step toward finally getting your broken teeth fixed.

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Why Should You Consider Getting Fillings?

You may think that having a broken tooth is not a big deal, but this dental issue may actually be a big problem in the future if left untreated. You may experience pain that comes and goes. The level of pain may also vary and may hurt more on some days.

In addition, broken teeth will collect bacteria over time. It is also possible that an abscess may build up and cause damage to the nerves, which may result in you having to undergo a root canal procedure.

This is why it is important to consider getting fillings as well as the type of dental filling that would best address your dental problem. Here are the types of dental fillings:

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Gold Fillings

If you have money to spend on your dental fillings, the gold fillings may be the choice for you, although gold fillings are not very common due to the cost. It is also difficult to find a dentist that still caters to this option. This may also require more than one visit to the dentist.

However, if you’re looking for something that can last you years, the gold filling is just the thing that you’re looking for. It can last for 15 years or more because it doesn’t corrode. Plus, you don’t have to worry about chewing hard food. This can also be pleasing to the eyes if you are a fan of gold.

Silver Fillings (Amalgams)

If you’re looking for something commonly used by dentists, it would be amalgam fillings. Out of all the types of fillings, amalgams are the least likely to put a hole in your pocket. Also, these fillings have come out of years and years of research about fixing broken teeth.

Like the gold fillings, it can take 10 years or more for amalgam to be worn down. Hard chewing is also unlikely to damage it. However, discoloration may happen over the years. If you’re worried about that, you can consider other options. Also, compared to other types, silver fillings are bound to expand and contract more.

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Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a mix of quartz filler and glass. This is your go-to if you want something that can match the color of your teeth. This type of filling is placed in the crack of your teeth while it is soft, and then the dentist uses a UV light to polymerize and harden the composite materials. Composite fillings are low key and unnoticeable.

But if you’re about durability, this may not be the choice for you, because composite fillings are likely to last for 5 to 10 years at most depending on your dental habits. They are also more expensive than silver fillings.

Ceramic Fillings

An addition to the list of dental fillings is ceramic. This is commonly made of porcelain materials. Like the composite fillings, ceramic is also unnoticeable because it’s tooth-colored. Ceramic fillings can last up to 15 years or more, and you don’t even have to worry about tooth stains.

However, if you don’t have a huge budget, this may not be the choice for you. It can cost as much as a gold filling.

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ADG Glass Ionomer

Glass Ionomer

The materials used in this filling are acrylic and glass. This combination also releases fluoride that will serve as protection for your teeth. If your broken teeth are located below the line of your gums, your dentist may suggest this type of filling. This can also be used for children who have cracked or broken teeth.

However, the downside to glass ionomer is that it is only durable for a few years, and will likely need to be replaced often.

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