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Regular Dental Check-ups Are Essential for Everyone’s Overall Health.

Your oral health is as important as other vital organs of the body. The question is: How often should you pay a visit to a dental clinic? Professionals recommend some people visit more frequently, but one thing’s for sure – semi-annual to annual visit is a must for everyone, whatever the age may be. If you are at risk of developing oral disease, you should schedule a visit every three to four months to prevent further disease development or further damage to the area. If you have good oral health and feel no pain, the American Dental Association still recommends at least twice a year dental visit to keep your mouth healthy. Yes, you may have good oral hygiene at home but taking good care of your overall dental health takes a lot more than just flossing and brushing. Don’t be complacent. Teeth can’t heal on their own. In any dental treatment, you could use the help of our Colorado Springs, CO, dentists for assessment.
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Our dentists in Colorado Springs, Co, are skilled professionals who assess and evaluate your total oral health, focusing on things inside your mouth that you do not actually see or even feel. Several dental problems do not cause pain unless they are in the final stage. How are you going to know? Have your teeth checked regularly! Let us prevent the problems from occurring rather than just fixing them, shall we?

At Advanced Dental Group, we take pride in having partnered with only the best clinics and the best dentists in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We see to it that our patients get the best dental check-up experience like no other. Are you one of those who are scared to pay a visit to a dental clinic? Fret no more as our Colorado Springs, CO, dentists are compassionate, detail-oriented, approachable, and on top of it, competent. Here, we ensure that your next dental visit is worry-free and worth it.

Let us further explain why you need to visit our dentists in Colorado Springs, CO, even if you do not have a known gum-disease yet.

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Check for Cavities or Tooth Decay

An oral examination by our Colorado Springs, CO, dentists will tell you how your mouth is doing and checks your overall health. They check for cavities and tooth decay which could later lead to severe problems. Cavities, one of the most common problems, are considered the number one enemy of dentists as they leave permanent damage to the area. When bacteria mixes with sugar or starch, it can deteriorate the coating of your teeth. A regular check will prevent any damage to your teeth. We cannot easily replace a damaged tooth.

Oral Prophylaxis

Oral prophylaxis is what we call dental cleaning. Our dentists in Colorado Springs, Co, clean the teeth thoroughly while paying close attention to tartar and plaque, which both can build up in just a short period. Your choice of food and beverage can cause staining to your teeth. If left unchecked, it can lead to a soft plaque which will eventually harden up and cause irritation to your gums. If these are left untreated, this plaque can cause more severe gum disease. We wouldn’t want to imagine what could happen next.
ADG Colorado Oral Prophylaxis
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Disease Prevention

On a regular visit, our Colorado Springs, Co, dentists can see the early signs of disease and provide practical solutions while it is still manageable. Seeing a dentist is advisable if you are part of a high-risk group such as smokers, pregnant women, diagnosed with diabetes, gum diseases, or a weak immune system. We can prevent dreaded diseases such as Oral Cancer as much as possible by going through a systematic assessment of the insides of your mouth.

Oral Hygiene Advice

It is always best to know what you should do and not do to keep your mouth healthy. Our Colorado Springs, Co, dentists are well-aware and knowledgeable in providing sound advice to maintain your oral health in a good state. They know the latest trend in terms of prevention. As cliché as it may sound, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
ADG Colorado Oral Hygiene Advice

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