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Brushing and flossing are critical to achieving excellent oral health, but nothing beats a routine visit to the dentist.

It’s a common belief that regular teeth brushing is enough of a safety measure against cavity and plaque buildup. Plaque and tartar can quickly turn into tooth cavities that may lead to more serious dental issues.

The early stages of most dental problems often go unnoticed because of the lack of visible signs, such as pain and swelling. With preventive dental procedures, your dentist will be able to spot and diagnose any dental problem you may have, even in its early stages.

The best dentists in Cleveland, OH, are here to make sure that any dental issues or diseases will be diagnosed and treated through preventive dental procedures.

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Here are some of the dental services our affiliated Cleveland, OH, dentists are ready and willing to provide to everyone at no extra cost:

ADG Dental X-Rays Cleveland

1. Dental X-Rays

A dental x-ray is a standard procedure that comes with regular dental appointments. Dental x-rays help dentists spot any potential dental problems that can’t usually be seen with the naked eye, such as cavities, wisdom tooth emergence, and bone loss. You can also have your molars and premature teeth checked through dental x-rays.

2. Dental Flossing

Dental flossing is a practice that should be practiced in every daily dental hygiene routine; however, our dentists can also perform it for you. By undergoing this procedure, the likeliness of having gingivitis and other gum diseases will be significantly reduced.
ADG Dental Flossing Cleveland
ADG Scaling of Root Canals

3. Scaling and Root Planing

Root planing or scaling is one of the forms of scraping or cleaning the teeth to get rid of tartar and other deposits. Dental scaling involves carefully removing bacteria from the tooth surface just below the gum.

Our dentists use a curette and dental scaler to scrape the plaque from your teeth and access the places in your mouth that your toothbrush can’t otherwise reach. With scaling and root planing, you can have cleaner teeth and avoid gum diseases.

4. Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments are available in the form of foam, gel, highly concentrated rinse, or varnish. The treatment only takes a few minutes, but it will protect your teeth and prevent bacteria buildup for a long period, enough to last until your next visit.

With our Cleveland, OH, dentists, you can have so much more than cleaning and basic dental procedures. Getting regular preventive dental procedures can guarantee a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums.

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