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According to the World Health Organization, 60% to 90% of children have dental cavities, while approximately 100% of adults have the same issue.

In addition, the number of oral cancer cases ranges from 1 to 10 when observed from a sample of 100,000 people. These numbers prove that people generally don’t visit dentists as often as they should.

At Advanced Dental Group, we encourage people to have a regular checkup with their dentists to ensure that they maintain good oral health. If you want the same for your mouth, we can connect you to the best dentists in Westlake, OH.

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Why Choose Our Partner Dentists in Westlake, OH

ADG  Oral Hygiene Maintenance in Westlake OH

1. Oral Hygiene Maintenance

Even if you brush and floss your teeth daily, there are numerous surfaces in your mouth that can still be left with plaque and tartar buildup. Some areas cannot be reached with toothbrushes and floss, which is why visiting a dentist should be done regularly.

With our partner dentists in Westlake, OH, plaque and tartar buildup will be removed with the use of specialized tools and equipment.

2. Gum Disease Prevention

Tooth decay and tooth loss are not the only complications of having plaque and tartar buildup. With the accumulation of bacteria on the surface of the teeth and along the gums, some of the diseases that can also emerge are gingivitis, periodontitis, and gum recession. These can affect your overall physical health, so they should not be neglected. When you choose to visit our partner dentists in Westlake, OH, these diseases can be detected and prevented as early as possible.
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3. Oral Cancer Detection

One of the most severe and life-threatening diseases of the mouth is oral cancer, and, as mentioned above, there are 1 to 10 cases of oral cancer in every 100,000 people. Early detection is the key to preventing its progression, and the best Westlake, OH, dentists can help with that as our partner dentists are trained to recognize it immediately.

4. Healthy Habits

Our partner dentists in Westlake, OH, not only give advice about healthy oral practices, but they also educate patients about the things they should not do. Some examples are clenching your teeth and smoking. Such habits can seriously affect your oral health, so it’s best to avoid them. Learn from the best dentists in your area to ensure that your oral health is well taken care of.
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What Will Happen If You Don't Regularly Visit a Dentist

It is recommended to pay dentists a visit at least twice a year or every six months. If you don’t, you will become susceptible to different oral and dental issues such as the following:

As the cliché goes, “prevention is better than cure.” Why wait for these issues to occur when you can prevent them? Oral health is connected to your overall physical health, and having oral and dental issues will affect not just your mouth and teeth but other parts of your body as well.

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We at Advanced Dental Group are dedicated to connecting everyone to the best and most qualified dentists in their immediate area. We value nothing more than your dental well-being, so we always perform thorough background checks and routine quality control on each of our partnered dentists to ensure that we only promote the finest professionals in the field. For total protection, maintenance, and dental revitalization, contact us today. We don’t only cater to the City of Westlake, Ohio, but all cities listed below.

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Not regularly visiting the dentist isn’t a big deal to many people, but that doesn’t mean you should follow suit. Oral and dental issues can progress quicker than expected, so it is essential that you prevent them from occurring.

At Advanced Dental Group, we can refer you to the best dentists in Westlake, OH. We care about your oral health and will only connect you to the best professionals ready to help you. Contact us for more details.