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Tooth decay can affect people of all ages, including infants.

Leaving it untreated eventually leads to cavities, which are holes in your teeth that grow over time. Consuming sugary foods and drinks and allowing bacterial plaque to build up in an uncleaned mouth without a dental visit are the fastest ways to end up with tooth decay and cavities.

Being one of the most common diseases around, you should set aside enough time to visit your dentist in Parma, OH, regularly. Tooth decay can occur without prior warning, so it can be difficult to identify until the symptoms have already set in. By then, it may already be too late.

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How Do Cavities Develop

The decaying of teeth happens over time. Some cases can go unnoticed, but they all develop the same way:

1. Plaque, a colorless or pale sticky film, starts to build up on on your teeth when the bacteria from your mouth comes in contact with the starchy or sugary foods. If plaque is allowed to linger on your teeth, it will create tartar, which is a lot harder to remove.

2. Since plaque is formed from bacteria, the acids born from it attack the tooth enamel and break down the minerals. This can lead to tiny holes considered to be the early stage of cavities. Once the enamel is sufficiently damaged, the acid can then penetrate the dentin – the next layer of the tooth directly connected with the nerves – causing tooth sensitivity, as the dentin is softer and cannot resist acid.

3. Tooth destruction continues even when bacteria move to the pulp containing blood vessels and nerves. Once the pulp is irritated and swollen, the nerves become pressured, causing pain and discomfort.

Are You at Risk?

Anyone with teeth can have cavities, not just those who forget to brush and floss, and consume sugary foods too frequently. There are several other factors that can increase the likelihood of decay, including:

1. Back Teeth Maintenance: Located in the back of your mouth, it can be difficult to maintain your back teeth (e.g. molars) compared to your front. Molars and premolars have pits and crevices that can serve as collecting spaces for food particles.

2. Dry Mouth: There are certain medications that can trigger a decrease in saliva production, causing you to have a dry mouth. Without sufficient saliva to help eliminate bacteria, food particles and plaque build up over time as they cannot be broken down.

3. Heartburn: When experiencing heartburn, the acid in the stomach flows into the mouth and wears the enamel down, leaving the teeth vulnerable and allowing the bacteria to attack the dentin.

4. Feeding Infants at Night: When babies are fed at night with baby formula or any other sugary supplement, it can stay on the teeth for hours unless brushed off. This allows plaque to build up, even at a tender age.

5. Worn Fillings: Time can weaken dental fillings. When they start to break down, it gives way for plaque to erode your teeth.

6. Unfit Dental Devices: Dental apparatus that don’t fit properly can serve as an avenue for plaque to destroy what’s underneath. Once you notice your dental devices beginning to move, visit your Parma, OH, dentist as soon as possible.

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How to Prevent Tooth Decay?

Preventing tooth decay and cavities starts with good oral hygiene. Bacteria have no room to grow once a healthy routine and set of habits have been developed.

1. Brush and Floss Your Teeth Well: It has been said repeatedly, but this is a major contributing factor in keeping a healthy mouth. Flossing and brushing go hand-in-hand. Brushing alone is not enough. As much as possible, brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

2. Wash Your Mouth with Fluoride-Containing Mouthwash: Aside from brushing and flossing, rinsing your mouth with mouthwash is also a big help in preventing cavities.

3. Get Dental Sealants: Sealants are recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for school-age children. It is a protective coating applied to the back teeth by sealing the crannies and grooves.

4. Drink More Water: Drinking more water instead of sugar-rich beverages decreases the risk of cavities. It also prevents dry mouth that can cause decay.

5. Eat Foods that are Good for your Oral Health: Fruits and vegetables increase the production of saliva. Unsweetened coffee and tea can also wash the food particles and prevent them from getting stuck between the teeth.

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When Do You Need to See a Dentist?

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