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What To Do With Broken Dentures During The Holidays

Dentures are designed to withstand chewing and eating like regular teeth. However, they don’t last forever. Dentures can break from time to time and may also break due to accidents. Furthermore, dentures that are at least five or seven years old will need to be replaced soon.

Having them break during the holiday season is not fun. Read this article thoroughly to know how you can handle this dental emergency.

How To Deal With Broken Dentures

Modern dentures may be more comfortable and lifelike than older ones. Still, they are not as durable as natural teeth. Dropping them or knocking them off the counter can break them.

You may also consider the holidays as a dangerous time for your dentures. You will need to be careful during activities or while eating delicious yet hard-to-chew holiday foods. If you have yet to read this and have already broken them, here’s what you need to do.

Do not attempt DIY repairs.

Do not be tempted to repair a denture yourself. Dentures are custom-made to fit you precisely to help improve your bite. Any repairs you make are unlikely to restore its original bite alignment unless you’re a dentist yourself.

You could end up with an ill-fitting denture that can cause discomfort and embarrassment. You may also damage your dentures instead of fixing them, and you’ll end up needing a replacement.

You should also never use super glue on your dentures. Super glue may be suitable for typical household repairs but not for dentures. It can release toxic substances that are dangerous if ingested. It can also warp your dentures and react unfavorably with dental ceramics.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist.

The first thing you need to do when you break dentures is to call your dentist as soon as possible. Explain what happened, ask if they allow walk-in denture repair, and then set an emergency dental appointment.

Many dentists reserve some of their time for emergencies. They may consider broken dentures an emergency if they affect your ability to chew, bite, and communicate clearly.

Use a denture repair kit.

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone, including your dentist. It means your dentist may not be available, and you’ll likely have to go without your dentures for a while.

However, if you find yourself unable to cope, you should get an emergency denture repair kit at a pharmacy. These kits may claim to fix cracks, so consider them a temporary solution until you can schedule a visit to your dentist.

Remember to follow through with your repair appointment if you’ve already made one. Your dentist will need to assess the extent of your denture’s damage or if you need to replace them. They can repair minor damage, but they may need to send your dentures to the lab for major repairs.

Holiday Denture Care

The holiday season is a busy time, but that doesn’t mean you should skip oral and denture care. Here are some ways to care for your dentures before and during the holidays.

Schedule a consultation with your dentist before the holidays.

Schedule a consultation before the holidays, especially if you’ll be traveling or visiting loved ones out of town. Dentures over five or seven years old or don’t fit well are more prone to breakage and won’t function properly. A consultation with a dentist allows them to check for denture problems. They can also discuss your options that can fix them before they become serious.

Watch what and how you eat.

Avoiding hard and sticky foods is the best way to reduce your risk of breaking your dentures and other denture problems like lost teeth. But let’s be realistic; it will be hard to do during the holidays. To be on the safe side, take your time and eat slowly. Cut your food into smaller pieces to make them easier to chew. It would help if you also chewed on both sides of your mouth to reduce the stress you’re putting on any particular area.

Clean your dentures with care.

In cleaning your dentures, always handle them with care. According to the Oral Health Foundation, you should clean your dentures over a folded towel on your counter or a bowl of water, so they don’t drop on a hard surface if they accidentally slip from your hands.

Only use cleaning agents and toothpaste made for dentures. Most toothpaste brands have abrasive ingredients that can scratch or crack your dentures. Use a soft-bristled brush and a non-abrasive denture cleaner to clean your dentures thoroughly without damaging them.

Have your dentures relined.

You may need to have your dentures relined if they don’t fit as well as before. Denture relining is a procedure that allows your dentist to improve your denture’s fit without replacing them. It is typically quick and painless, often taking about an hour.

Your dentist will first examine your mouth for any irritation before relining. They may recommend temporary relines to treat any swelling or sores caused by ill-fitting dentures, then allow you to return for the permanent reline after they have healed.

Bring a denture case.

You might not think about your dentures if you’re not following your everyday routine. This is often the case during the holidays, when you travel, visit, or host loved ones.

Better bring a denture case with you when you’re out. This helps keep your denture safe and gives you a place to put them if you need to take them off. If you break your dentures, don’t wrap them in tissue or napkin; you might forget about them or accidentally throw them out if you do.

Key Takeaway

The holidays are one of the most inopportune times to break a denture. If you break your dentures during the holidays, do not attempt to repair them on your own, and avoid using superglue at all costs. Instead, set a denture repair appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. You can also use a denture repair kit to fix your dentures temporarily until your dental appointment.

Protect your dentures from breaking during the holidays by watching what and how you eat and bringing a denture case. Before the holidays, consult your dentist and have your denture relined if it doesn’t fit you well.

Keep your holidays hassle-free.

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