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People sometimes neglect proper dental hygiene practices, believing that it wouldn’t hurt their teeth, mouth, and gums.

However, waiting for things to get worse can end up costing you in the long run. The best dentists in Provo, UT, can help if your goal is to keep your permanent teeth.

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Basic Dental Procedures a Provo, UT, Dentist Can Do

A dental checkup doesn’t take much time. Regular checkups allow the professionals to assess your overall dental health and recommend any necessary dental procedures or adjustments to your dental hygiene practices. We’re here to give you an overview of what can happen when you visit the dentist every six months:
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1. Regular Dental Exams and Oral Prophylaxis

When you visit a dentist in Provo, UT, you will undergo regular dental exams. Your dentist will check for anything unusual, such as infections, lumps, and mouth sores, and whether your gums are healthy or red and swollen. Dental professionals know the signs of oral cancer and gum disease. Regular dental exams can diagnose health problems in their early stages.

You might think that your teeth are as clean as they can be. However, bacteria can breed in hard-to-reach areas. Plaque, tartar, and cavities are some of the enemies of your enamel. Getting your teeth cleaned professionally twice a year can ensure that your teeth are always picture-perfect.

2. Tooth Extractions

If you have bad dental habits and poor oral hygiene practices, your teeth will likely take a hit. A common mistake among people is when they fail to schedule regular dental appointments. It may be too late to save any decayed teeth, and the only solution left is to extract them to prevent damaging neighboring teeth.

Tooth extraction is also necessary if a person’s baby teeth are not falling out. This will ensure that permanent teeth will erupt. Another circumstance where tooth extraction is the only way to go is if you have an impacted wisdom tooth affecting the alignment of your other teeth. However, extracting a normal tooth from a wisdom tooth is entirely different.

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3. Dental Fillings

Your teeth can have signs of wear and tear. They can also decay when you love to snack frequently and drink sugar-rich beverages without brushing afterward. When you go to a dentist’s office, your dentist will check for cavities, decay, and injured teeth. If your teeth are salvageable, your dentist may recommend that you get dental fillings.

There are different types of dental fillings, such as silver, gold, resin, and porcelain. Your dentist will discuss all your options, along with the pros, cons, and costs. The process usually starts with your dentist numbing the area, then drilling any decayed parts. After that, your dentist will rinse the area with water and fill it with your desired dental fillings.

4. Dental Braces

Not everyone is born with perfectly aligned teeth and a correct bite. If you’re someone who struggles with imperfect teeth and want nothing more than to smile confidently, your Provo, UT, dentist will check if you’re a candidate for dental braces. There are different types of braces, and your dentist will discuss all your options, including the benefits, duration of treatment, and costs.
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