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The American Dental Association recommends going to the dentist twice a year, and we recommend going to ours.

This is to ensure that your dental health is in great shape. You might say that brushing your teeth is enough, but dental professionals say otherwise.

Dental problems aren’t always visible, no matter how hard you look in the mirror. Don’t worry. Our partnered Park City, UT, dentists are here for you.

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What To Expect on a Regular Dental Visit

A dental checkup doesn’t take much time. Regular checkups allow the professionals to assess your overall dental health and recommend any necessary dental procedures or adjustments to your dental hygiene practices. We’re here to give you an overview of what can happen when you visit the dentist every six months:
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1. Dental X-Rays

Your dentist might suggest that you get a dental x-ray when the situation calls for it. Some problems aren’t visible on the surface, and a dental x-ray will allow your dentist to check for problems in your gums and jawbones.

Radiation exposure from dental x-rays is low, and they are not needed often. The need for dental x-rays will depend on your dental health. If you’re worried about the effects of radiation, talk to your dentist in Park City, UT, about it.

2. Dental Cleaning and Polishing

Brushing your teeth is not enough to combat cavities, tartar, and plaque. When you visit one of the best dentists in Park City, UT, they will use scalers and other dental tools to remove plaque and tartar buildup between the teeth and below the gum line.

After that, the dentist will polish your teeth using floss and paste. Your dentist will also discuss with you if certain parts of your mouth need special attention. Your dentist will suggest if you need to change your toothbrush or make other lifestyle changes if your teeth show signs of wear and tear.

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3. Oral Cancer Detection

When you visit the dentist regularly, your dentist will check your mouth, including your cheeks, tongue, throat, neck, and jaw, for anything unusual, such as mouth sores, infection, or lumps. Dentists are usually the first to detect signs of oral cancer.

If they see something concerning, they will advise you to consult a general physician to determine if it’s cancer. Oral cancer can spread quickly, and early detection is key to beating it. This is another primary reason you shouldn’t skip dental appointments.

4. Condition of Previous Dental Procedures

Dentists in Park City, UT, will also check the condition of any dental work you’ve have done. Fillings, crowns, and bridges can break, especially if you have poor dental habits, such as chewing hard food and opening packets using your teeth. Your dentist may suggest changes in your diet or habits to avoid damaging them further.

Your dentist can also check if your previous dental work needs replacement. Replacing them once in a while is necessary to ensure that your teeth are strong and healthy for as long as possible.

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